Brand concept

Wooden products in the spirit of kamaboko.
The simple designs enhance elegant grain patterns to create beautifully fashioned products.

Hikiyose products attract wealth to your dining table,
ust as kamaboko draws on the goodness of fish.
Odawara -
abundant natural resources

Bordering Sagami bay to the south and Hakone to the west, the town of Odawara is renowned for its kamaboko fish cakes and traditional wood craft.

Nestled between the mountains and sea, Odawara woodwork factory La Luz is proud to introduce
their brand 'Hikiyose', Japanese for 'attract together'.

Natural resources such as timber offcuts and trees cut to maintain forests are crafted to enhance their intrinsic properties and minimize waste.


Timber is milled into square rods, removing cracks and knots that would otherwise render it unusable.
The second layer is rotated 90 degrees to reduce shrinkage and increase strength.
Tall products can be made from a single parquet block, requiring just 1/3 the material of solid wood.

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